It’s all in the name

I can spot a Thai name from a mile away. Only because Thai last names are always long enough to see from a mile away (don’t look at mine, it’s shortened). Jarida Karnjanasirirat blew me away, not because of her heritage, but because of the impeccable silhouettes in her 2013 Spring collection.

The very structured collection emitted flairs of Helmut Lang and Kenzo – playing with clean lines and eye catching fabrics. The neutral color palette looks luscious when paired with metallic accents and satin finishes. While each look remained monochromatic, the tonal difference between matte fabric and satiny fabric gave everything dimension. The construction of each piece coming down the runway is crafted with an intricate attention to detail, from the lapels to the symmetric princess seams. The peekaboo shorts that adorned the long legged models complimented the boyish charm that teased Karnjanasirirat’s collection. Each look could have easily been transported into an editorial spread. Imagine, along the wetlands of Botswana with a rustic campsite in the distance, twinkling lanterns, and a hazy sky. To further prove the versatility of the collection, the tuxedo-like elements could make each piece the perfect wardrobe to a semi-modern day Great Gatsby.

Although each look mirrored one another, the cohesiveness of the entire collection worked in her favor. Rather than being repetitive, each consecutive outfit brought a new element to the table. It transitioned smoothly, from a silver colored vest to a creamy rose blazer and bow-tie, both cut in the same proportion and silhouette. The dimension of the collection is due to the ‘tuxedo’ design elements like the lapels, bow ties, bib front, and long seams. As with Lang and Kenzo, often times less is simply more – proving that craftsmanship can be showcased merely with clean lines and luxurious fabrics. With Jarida Karnjanasirirat’s take on spring 2013, it’s all in the details.


What happens when you’re short

I’ve heard it all. My favorite has been that apparently in Oregon if you’re under five feet tall, you’re entitled to a ‘helper monkey’. Not that it helps to have the last name of “Itti” either, because that just welcomes even more idiotic nicknames.

What happens when you’re short? You are constantly having to hem your pants, unless they’re already cropped – then it’s the perfect length. Trench coats literally make it look like you’ve been eaten by a giant khaki tarp. Everyone has to awkwardly bend down to give you a hug. And when they don’t bend down to your height, it’s even worse, because then your face is smashed into their midsection.

What else happens when you’re short? You never have to worry about whether or not your heels make you taller than your date. You are the only one who can stand to their full height on the airplane while waiting to exit your seat. Bright colors look slightly less offensive on you. You will age very well.

From down here, you fly subtly under the radar. While everyone else walks around eyeing each other up and down, you’re just that cute small Asian girl with her nose in a book. The view from five feet tall is an amusing one. And I can’t wait to share it with all of you.